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Oconee Cultivation Project logo has two hands grasping a plant with its roots hanging below

Empowering the people of Oconee County with education in agricultural and culinary practices informed by local foodways.

CultivaTeen crew leader Emily shows CultivaTeen crew leaders how to read a seed packet.
CultivaTeen crew leader Casey shows CultivaTeen crew members what a cardoon plant is in the garden.


The Oconee Cultivation Project (OCP) vision is to see thriving communities across Oconee County that are rooted in local food, agricultural traditions, and sustainable living practices. Recognizing the wealth of agricultural space and knowledge held in our county, while also being faced with the fact that so many people here face food insecurity, conservation struggles, and gaps between older and newer generations who want to communicate with one another, our founders stepped up to help connect the dots.

Our Chefs


This was such an awesome opportunity for our family. We are so happy we found you...

Katrina Black, Family of Intro 

Crew Member, 2018

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