OCP provides education on sustainable agriculture and culinary practices while focusing on environmental preservation, protection of consumer health, and community involvement. We present this information through educational literature, field study, and documentation with teens in a field journal, as well as utilizing speakers who conduct tours or workshops about their field of interest. Common areas of study have been the role of insects in the garden, fertilizing methods, garden maintenance, soil science, the garden through art, kitchen safety, food preparation, and meal planning.


CultivaTeen is a six-week summer program offered to youth and their families at no cost. Teens who participate are exposed to agricultural and culinary methods that encourage healthier choices, working with community members who practice sustainable or intentional lifestyles. Youth who join us are known as crew members, as they are responsible for jobs around the gardens and in the kitchen that teach them how to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Crew members who return to our CultivaTeen 2.0 program have the option of becoming crew leader assistants, meaning they work alongside the adult crew leader to assign tasks and take on more responsibility as leaders in their groups.


We believe everyone deserves access to local, fresh food at an affordable price. Part of our educational efforts to the community outside of our teen crew members includes the work we do through our Re-Fresh Gardens. Whether individuals have a small window box garden, a raised bed, or acreage for in-ground gardening, we want to empower people through the act of growing their own food, while also learning how to support their local farmers who can provide them with access to crops and livestock they are unable to have at home.