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Community Gardens

We Can Accomplish So Much More Together than Alone

The Community Garden is the one place in the City where you can have a direct and lasting effect in a public space. Get involved with the Garden, start sharing ideas and knowledge to help us create an amazing Community space in Westminster for all to enjoy.

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Westminster Community Garden

This garden is managed by our Garden volunteers. This Garden is located at 20 W. Abbey St. Each season our active volunteers will determine the focus and plan for the garden space for the upcoming growing season. 

Community Garden 

This demonstration garden located in front of the City pool is a place for beginner gardens to dig in and learn about growing food. With more community involvement we can host more garden classes here and work to expand the garden effort in this community space.  It would be amazing to see how much food we could grow together in this small space, email us to find out more about the project and get involved. 

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