Re-Fresh Community Gardens

OCP Re-Fresh Gardens are established to promote the wise use of natural

and human resources in their city, providing an intergenerational experience in agriculture and conservation to improve economic opportunities in the city. Re-Fresh Gardens are intended to be a resource of fresh foods while also “refreshing” their surrounding community by offering education for its beneficiaries and beautification of the area. The Re-Fresh project will also be offering education in sustainable gardening, nutrition, and cooking. 

Woman Picking Organic Vegetables

Re-Fresh: Westminster

Working in the Garden

In the fall of 2018, OCP installed its first Re-Fresh Garden with the help of the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development in the city of Westminster, SC. Re-Fresh: Westminster is located behind Anderson Park, with installation beginning mid-fall.


Members of the Re-Fresh garden, known as Re-Freshers, receive education on planting seasons, best crop choices, and culinary skills through our partnership with Dot's Kitchen.

Walhalla Community Garden

In the winter of 2021, OCP again received funding from the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development in order to start the Walhalla Community Garden, located off HWY 28 near the Walhalla City Pool. 


Spots are still available at this location! If you're interested in gardening, or becoming a team member who helps educate our community through the use of community gardens, please complete the form below for more info.


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